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Intramural Calendar and Offerings

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  • Jan

    Fun Signing!

    On each Thursday from 1/21/16 until 2/25/2016, let your child have a blast learning a new language. Signing with Mona Azeem and Kelly Telech will likely be a noisy endeavor; these teachers bring zest and fun wherever they go. Using games, songs, and creative activities, they will teach 2nd - 5th grade children the basics of sign language, a communication skill that will last forever. SIGN up HERE for Signing Fun!
  • Jan

    Dancing the HULA HOOP!

    Every Tuesday from January 26-February 23 from 3:30-5:00 PM, students in grades 1-5 are welcome to learn more than just keeping that hula hoop going! Students will learn how to walk, turn, and dance while waist hooping. They’ll learn hand control/grips, off-body hooping (hands and arms), and how to transition between movements. Building momentum, combining tricks, and learning how to dance with the hoop will be the focus of the four classes.  
    Rikki Little, owner of Defiance Studios, is a certified Hoopnotica instructor, passionate about physical arts, and excited to teach at TLS. Click HERE to save a hoop space now. 
  • Mar

    Coding Breakthrough

    Every Tuesday from March 1-22, burgeoning computer coders, grades 3-5, will learn the tricks of the trade from Jaime Lassman. Mr. Lassman will engage students in fun and challenging set of activities to teach them the basics of what will no doubt continue to be a skill to take them well into the future. Click HERE to learn to CODE.
  • Apr

    Little Scoopers! Lacrosse for Beginners.

    Jason Hurst, state championship Lacrosse coach, will get your child started in this developmental Lacrosse clinic. Every Friday from April 8-29, 3:30-5:00 PM, children in grades 1-3 are welcome to start their lacrosse career, right here on TLS fields. This chance won't STICK around long, so SIGN UP now and reserve your spot.
  • Apr

    A LITTLE Golf

    A program designed especially for preschoolers, Heather Broadbent, golf pro, will make beginners golf fun and active for all. For children in KinderKlasse/Montessori-1 through Kindergarten/Montessori-3, every Wednesday from April 13-May 3 will prove a hole in one for these little ones. Sign up HERE to assure your child's space.
  • Apr

    A BIGGER Golf

    This golf clinic is meant for the 1st through 5th grade student. Every Thursday from April 14-May 5 will prove a fun outing of golf where developmental skills will be taught and improved each time. Games and activities will keep things moving, so your child will get some exercise while learning one of America's favorite sports. Heather Broadbent, golf pro, is and excellent resource for your developing golfers, and she is teaching this clinic. TEE it up HERE if you want to save your child's space.


Intramural activites are fun, creative, and active course offerings that happen right after school (3:30-5:00 PM)for children ages PreK through 5th grade. Intramurals are just a little something extra. They exercise the body and the brain, they teach something new, and they are a great way to dabble without too much long-term commitment. Best of all, they happen right here in our TLS backyard. Find course offerings and registration by clicking above, or print out the seasonal brochure below. Intramural programs will change each semester to include new and different fun for preschool and lower school children. Watch the intramural calendar and offerings above to see the rotating fun! You can register by clicking on the link in each of the descriptions, or feel free to email Jonathan anytime with questions. 
Intramural Director:
Jonathan Herrington

Study Clinic

Study Clinic is an after-school program offered to 4th-8th graders, from 3:30-5:00 P.M. Monday through Thursday. This program is designed to help reinforce the efficiency, organization, and success of our students. It is a supervised time for students to get their homework completed with a TLS teacher available to help them. The teacher-to-student ratio is kept low so that individual needs may be met. One of the many benefits of this program is the study clinic teachers are in constant contact with their lower and middle school teaching colleagues, so they are aware of upcoming projects, quizzes and tests. Another benefit is the parental role of homework monitor is reduced, and the students leave with much if not all of their work done so that they are able to pursue other interests and/or enjoy family time. Parents are encouraged to have conversations with the study clinic staff about their child’s study habits and any specific expectations for their time in study clinic. For example, some students may need help with composition, some Math, some organization, and some just need a quiet place to get their work done. 

We invite parents and students to consider Study Clinic. Children may attend any number of days in a given week. Some students come all four days that the service is offered, while others come a couple of days a week, and some as needed. Parents do not have to sign up for the service; it’s available on a walk–in as well as a regular basis.

Students are picked up in Extended Day and walked to Study Clinic, which is conducted in the library. They are then walked up front at 5:00, or parents are welcome to come to the library to pick them up. The cost is $18 per day and is billed monthly through our Business Office. If you have questions about our program, pleased contact the Director, Jonathan Herrington.

Extended Day

The Extended Day Program is a great solution for parents who need supervised childcare before and/or after school hours. Morning drop off begins at 7:30 A.M., and after school care starts immediately after carline depending on division. After school Extended Day is offered each school day with the exception of half-days. Afternoon Extended Day offers a flexible, activity-based program for preschool through 1st grade, and a 30-minute study hall followed by playtime for 2nd through 8th grades. Snack is always provided. 

Extended Day Fees: $5 per half hour for "drop-in" (billed monthly), or "unlimited" use for $2,400 for the year (paid in full or billed monthly for 10 months). Charges for Extended Day begin to accrue at 3:15 for preschool and 3:30 for all other grades. Students not picked up by our closing time of 5:30 P.M. are charged an additional $1 per minute. 

Logistics: Please enter main entrance and check in with the front desk. Anytime after 3:15 PM, parents will pick up 3 and 4 year olds in Dr. Bowling's room (#34) and Kindergarten in Mr. Mohan's room (#37). After 3:30 PM, 1st gaders may be picked up in Mr.Mohan's room (#37), 2nd-5th grade in Ms. Puckett’s room (#46) and middle school in Mr. Herrington’s room (#14).  Billing will be mailed out monthly by our Business Office, and all payments are to be made to The Lexington School.

The safety of your children is our first priority. Students should be picked up through the main entrance. To reinforce their safety, you must sign your children out so that we know they are leaving with the proper person. They may be signed out either at the front desk or with the Extended Day Staff. If anyone other than a parent is picking up your child, please send written permission. Permission information is to be given to the classroom teacher for Lower School and to the advisor for Middle School. Identification will be checked.

Email Jonathan Herrington.