Introduction of Lincoln Brown '95

Chuck Baldecchi

Chuck Baldecchi's Introduction of Lincoln Brown '95

June 1, 2012

Continuing our cherished tradition of inviting a former student to share the stage with our graduating class, Lincoln Brown ’95 has been thinking again of his days and years here at school while he has worked on yet another TLS assignment.
As Lincoln comes back to us today, in many ways he is the same as the talented and hard working student athlete whom Mark Scarr taught in the classroom and coached on the soccer field and on the basketball court. Mr. Scarr remembers the “eager participant in whatever venue – in front of the class, on the athletic field, and in the cafeteria -- as an able companion at the table. Lincoln was always an enthusiastic speaker.”
Lincoln’s sister, Pamela Brown ’99, would no doubt nod in proud and knowing agreement with the “enthusiastic speaker” mention. Breakfastime and dinnertime conversations around the table between brother and sister kept them both on their toes, as each encouraged the other. Pamela had hoped to be here this morning to lend applause to her favorite “enthusiastic speaker,” but, disappointingly, her plans changed yesterday.
A born entrepreneur who co-founded his first company, a successful investment fund, as a freshman in college, Lincoln earned his Bachelor of Science degree in Economics from the Wharton School at the University of Pennsylvania.
At the age of 23, he co-founded Entertainment Media Works, a multi-platform commerce solution that illuminated brands within media, allowing viewers to identify and purchase products they saw on their favorite television shows, movies, and music videos. An innovative leader, ahead of his time, Lincoln and his business partners laid groundwork for the future of interactive television.
Focusing early on specific technology companies, he then shifted his interest to philanthropic endeavors. For the last 11 years Lincoln has traveled often to Haiti, where he has made a tangible difference in the daily lives of countless people. Through his work, he has felt the deep satisfaction of connecting the inspirations of his mind with the compassion in his heart.
As well, he is founder and the current CEO of Sojo Studios, a for-profit company that generates community engagement and on-going revenue to support social improvements around the world. Lincoln envisioned an idea that creates engaging, entertaining, and accessible ways for people to give back to their communities. His novel concept allows participants to see exactly where their financial investment goes, to know the stories of those they are helping, and to keep track of the enormous impact they are making. What was once an idea is now a reality in Sojo Studios, which advances his goal of creating sustainable solutions for communities who need them.
Another business venture Lincoln co-founded is CrossFit Maximus. Aptly named, his organization is the largest CrossFit in the world, as he perpetuates the Greek ideal, "A sound mind in a sound body."
Margaret Cowling, reminiscing about her former student, sums it up well, “We are all so proud of Lincoln for doing so much and for doing it so well.”
We appreciate Lincoln’s being with us this morning.
Lincoln Brown ’95.
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