Always Be Improving

Food is what I do for a living (and I love that living).  I love sharing what I know about food and its preparations, origins, cultural diversity, and priority in my life.  I have spent a chunk of my life learning techniques and flavor profiles.  I have spent years preparing menus for varied groups of people and learning how food can bring joy.  My position at The Lexington School has allowed me to use that knowledge and, with the help of a great Kitchen Crew and supportive Administrative team, have built a top-notch food service.

So there it is.  I'm done, right?  I can sit back and cruise along enjoying our success.

In the immortal words of Mike Myers' "Dr. Evil", "HOW 'BOUT NO!"  Our Kitchen Crew uses the summer time to write menus, plan special events, organize work loads, and, most importantly, improve.  We catch up on reading food trends and techniques.  We test new techniques and recipes.  We take every station in the dining hall down to its base and think of ways to make it have more variety with more efficiency.  We look at the kitchen layout and see how we can optimize our space.  We evaluate the previous year's menu and events and see what needs to go, what needs to be duplicated, and what can be built upon.  Every recipe is re-evaluated to check flavor profiles and techniques.  If improvements can be made, they are made.

"Always be improving."  It's cliche but we take it to heart in The Lexington School Kitchen.

Have a great summer!
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