The Crew

We receive some great feedback about our lunch program.  We get suggestions for food, service and dining hall ambience.  We love it, so keep that feedback coming!  

I have noticed that since my hat is the tallest and my name has "Chef" in front of it, most of the compliments are addressed to me.  Trust me, nobody loves me as much as I do, but I'm quick to guide the compliment to the appropriate group:  our Kitchen Crew.  We have a great crew.  Many have been trained in culinary school and local restaurants and yet still have the compassion and love that working with children demands.  Kitchens are hot, stressful, cramped, slippery and dangerous and our Kitchen Crew handles all of these obstacles with superhero skill.  I'd like to take the time to introduce each of our Kitchen Crew members to you over several weeks.

We have two new faces on the Kitchen Crew this year:

Shannon Collins is a graduate of Sullivan University's Culinary Arts program.  She has worked with great Lexington Chef's and organizes the Lexington Women Chefs.  Shannon will have the honor of working with one of Food Network's Iron Chefs this October.  Her constant smile and bright demeanor are both welcome additions to our crew.

Carrie Warmbier is a graduate of Sullivan University's Culinary Arts Program.  She has worked for several years developing and managing the Midway Bakery.  She has a strong passion for baked goods and is a wonderful addition to our crew.  She is currently working on a very special product: creating the first ever TLS scratch-made gluten free bread.  It's a huge challenge and Carrie is just the kind of kitchen ninja that can handle it!
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