Rice Station

"Rice is great when you are hungry and you want 2,000 of something."- Mitch Hedberg

Rice is one of my favorite foods.  I don't mean favorite side food, or favorite starchy food or favorite filler food.  I love rice.  At my house Friday means one of two things.  Either we are having fried rice with "unused portions" of the week's dinners or we are having pizza (but only if we are out of rice).

Rice is on the menu regularly at The Lexington School.  Rice accompanies Stir Fry Day, Taco Day and Quesadilla Day.  We have featured Vegetable Sushi and Whole Grain Rice Salad on the salad bar.  This year we have increased the frequency of rice availability in the Dining Hall.  By "increased" I mean rice will be available everyday.  We have purchased a large, dedicated rice steamer that will be available during lunch everyday.  We will have rotating varieties of rice to keep the station exciting and several seasonings to make each portion of rice as unique as you would like them to be!
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