The Greek Burrito

Comfort food takes many forms in the U.S.  It can vary by region but we have a unique palate in this country.  When I'm craving comfort food, my craving usually has several filters.  I can have an Asian craving for ramen or egg rolls.  Maybe I'll crave a rich lasagna with sausage and a hearty Italian tomato sauce.  Sometimes a I feel a desire for a pungent hit of garlic, hearty and game-y lamb and tangy, herbacious yogurt.  Fortunately for that craving, we have Gyros.

Gyros were most likely developed in Greece though what we often eat in the U.S. is an amalgamation of the cultures of the Middle East and the Mediterranean.  Traditional gyro meat is a pressed meatloaf of either beef, lamb, or a mixture of both (the mixture is my personal favorite).  The Middle East serves shawarma, typically a shaved whole muscle protein rather than the blended loaf.

We celebrate the Gyro at The Lexington School.  Our version is a beef and lamb blend with feta cheese wrapped in pita.  We make toppings available to personalize your wrap.  We make a delicious tzatziki sauce (the garlic-y, herb, cucumber and yogurt sauce) that can be drizzled or used as a dip for the wrap.
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