Local Beef

What is the best beef you have ever tasted?  Was it at a restaurant?  Was it cooked on your grill?  What made the beef so great; the seasoning, sauce or the quality?  Kobe or Wagyu? Grassfed?  Organic?  Sustainable?

My personal philosophy for the best beef is to put less emphasis on the hoops and money someone has to navigate to have the right to market a product with a certain label, and put more emphasis on tangible factors.  At The Lexington School, we are able to source beef from several vendors.  I have a list of questions I like to ask new vendors to determine certain quality standards but the most accurate evaluation has been a handshake.

Our beef comes from a local farm in Clark County, Brookview Farms.  It is delivered to us by the owner several times a year (we purchase large quantities to feed our large crowd and to help processing requirements for the farmer).  It's great beef and we use it in Tacos, Bolognese sauce, Hamburgers, Chili, Burritos, Salisbury Steak, etc.  We know it is delicious and high quality because we know the farm, we know the beef, and we have tested the product.  We value the people and processes that directly impact food service above labels and buzzwords.
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