It's Easier Being Green

Everyone has their own way of building and eating a salad.  Some enjoy crisp and sweet lettuces and greens.  Others (like me) prize the garnish and pile on the tomatoes, cucumbers, peppers, eggs and croutons.  Of course there will always be the group that just really loves dressing and salad is the most socially acceptable way consume nine fluid ounces of ranch.  Whatever your style the Salad Station at TLS has all the ingredients to turn your dream salad into your lunch.  I'd like to break down the Salad Station for you and let you know what to expect for lunch.

First, think of the name of a salad.  Chef Salad, Cobb, or Garden may come to mind as your favorite salads to order out or build at home.  The Salad Station takes a salad and breaks it down to each ingredient (deconstruction).  Today may be Summer Fruit Salad with fresh strawberries, blueberries, apples/pears, baby spinach and goat cheese.  Tomorrow could be Apple Chicken Salad with local apples, tomatoes, cucumbers, Wholesome Living Farm's chicken, blue cheese and crunchy apple chips.  The salad of the day changes daily and likewise the ingredients change.  Even the greens change!  We always have fresh chopped romaine but we have sweet spring mix, arugula, baby spinach and new blend called Arcadian Harvest that brings a fresh blend of baby lettuces to the station.  To compliment the daily salad we offer house-made ranch and balsamic vinaigrette as well as a rotating special dressing.  We also offer fat-free Italian dressing as well as vinegar and olive oil.

The Salad Station is more than salad alone.  We offer house-made whole grain salads like Farro w/Sweet Potatoes, Red & Gold Quinoa and Lentil with Vegetables.  These whole grain blends pack serious nutrition in every delicious bite.  The Kitchen Crew makes hummus in house and you can find fresh veggies or pita to dip.  We even re-purpose the unused house-made bread from the Deli Station into our own unique croutons.

Unique and fun food events are in store for October.  Check the online menu for details on these culinary parties including:

-The Wide World of Popcorn
-The Food of Indonesia
-Apple Celebration
-National Bologna Day

Check out the Kitchen Crew on Instagram @mildmanneredchef
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