Food and Family

Thanksgiving is probably my favorite holiday.  As Americans, we tend to have signature dishes for most holidays, celebrations or events but Thanksgiving is really the only holiday when food is the event.  I don't roast a whole turkey on any occasion other than Thanksgiving.  Green bean casserole is rich and delicious, but Thanksgiving is the only day I treat myself to a helping.  I love mashed potatoes and enjoy them year round but I'm pretty sure I only add gravy during Thanksgiving.  I love food and the celebration of food and Thanksgiving is the epitome of these concepts.  Thanksgiving also has a special place in the cold month holiday season when we celebrate with loved ones near and far.  We take the time once a year to share life and focus on the many blessings we enjoy every day.  We spend this time cooking, laughing, eating and enjoying memories.  We gather around a table full of special food and celebrate the good life.

Did you know a group of very special and skilled people do this same ritual every day?  They are your TLS Kitchen Crew.  We spend great time and effort to place attractive, delicious and nutritious food on every station in the Dining Hall.  We spend time with local farmers and vendors, coordinate with students and faculty, build menus, plan special food events and research trends.  We do this as our chosen career but we also find joy and use our passion for quality food and love for our customers.  Food looks and tastes better with love.  Love makes a kitchen run smoothly when the crew is hot and cramped.  Love brings creativity to each station via the Chef's Specials.  Love pushes our team to not take the easy and processed road, but to look for a way to use fresh and local in every dish, every time.  Love creates variety in our food service and the bountiful selection of every station.

Enjoy your holiday season and celebrate with the ones you love.  The Kitchen Crew at TLS gets to celebrate our loved ones every day:  You!

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