The Core

Excellence in food service industry can be a bit tricky to define.  Values vary for each customer and in a school food service that serves more than 700 people it is no different.  The Kitchen Crew operates under a set of core guidelines that help us to keep focus of high quality food service.

1. 90% Scratch-made:  We make as much as we can in house.  We purchase some prepared foods like pasta, mayonnaise, tortillas, etc.  Each week our Kitchen Crew meets, reviews the menu to see how we can incorporate more scratch-made food.

2. Fresh First:  We don't purchase many canned items.  Crushed tomatoes, ketchup and fruit for a few menu items are really all we buy in cans.  We look for a fresh option first.  It may take more time to prepare but it is time well spent.

3. Local Love:  We have great relationships with local farms and vendors.  If we can buy it locally, we will buy it locally.

4. Batch Ready:  We have four lunch services spread out over 2 1/2 hours.  We could prepare all the food necessary for the day before the first lunch and then pull food from warmers during service.  That is the easiest way but not the best way.  We cut, blanch, shock and organize each item to the point just before cooking.  We then cook in "batches" so that each lunch has fresh food on each station.

5. Innovation: We are proud of the food service our Kitchen Crew has developed.  We desire to continually create new ways of preparing, serving and demonstrating our Crew's culinary training.  We want to continue to lead the way in school food service by being our most creative selves.

If you haven't visited us for lunch in a while, come on down!

January Food Events:
Citrus Celebration
Cheese Celebration
South African Cuisine

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