Never Work A Day In Your Life

The old saying "Do what you love and you'll never work a day in your life" brings two thoughts to mind.  First, the person who said this never worked in a kitchen.  Cooks are passionate about our art and truly love what we do.  Many days though, throwing all that passion into a daily service leaves us sweaty, sore and sleepy.  We love it, but it's definitely work.

The second thought is a step back from that sentiment.  My work is also my hobby.  This is a luxury to be sure.  Many people clock out for the day grateful to be away from what they do for work.  Even teachers and administrators who are the most passionate about their job (I'm including all the fine faculty at TLS) are thankful for a rest or Spring Break.  Reading, relaxing, soaking up some sun and getting some well deserved rest is so important.

Guess what I do on scheduled school breaks.  I cook.  It's leisure cooking (any meal I'm cooking for less than 700 is leisure) but I look forward to breaks for the time to play and experiment with unique ingredients and techniques.  These working breaks have created staples in my house like summer pickles, soft pretzels, weekly ice cream, stir fry, omelets and more.  I play with my work even when I'm not at work.  The joy I feel in what I do, even when I'm exhausted from doing it, satisfies me, invigorates me and keeps me wanting to do more work.
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