Hey Everybody, Chill

We have a new, super "cool" piece of equipment in the kitchen.  When we were discussing if we needed this piece of equipment, things got a little "heated" but "cooler" heads prevailed and it was approved.  I have to admit, I get "chills" just thinking of what our food service would be without it and I hope you don't turn a "cold shoulder" and ignore it's importance.

It's a blast chiller, we have a blast chiller.

I love the blast chiller for several reasons.  First, and least used, it freezes things super fast.  The inside temperature of the blast chiller can hold -40F.  We can prepare pizza dough, cookie dough, chili, sauces, and stews ahead of service, blast chill and store until the needed day of service.

The second reason the blast chiller is so great is because we use it to cook.  It may sound crazy but the unit can cook at a low temperature over a long period of time.  This has been great for our house-roasted deli meats.  We prep and season a turkey breast, put it in the chiller and set it to cook overnight.  The gentle temperature keeps the moisture inside the meat that tends to be pressed out at higher roasting temperatures.  We have cooked turkey breast, pork loin, beef eye of round and chicken for salads.  It's a pretty "cool."

The third feature of the blast chiller (also our most used) is the "thaw" function.  We work with several local farms and it benefits them and us to purchase product in bulk.  We can store in our freezer all of the chicken, pork and beef that we will need for an entire month.  Of course, frozen is not a usable state to prepare food safely so we need to thaw the product.  Typically, frozen product is thawed under refrigeration which takes time and valuable space in our cold storage.  Here is where the blast chiller comes in handy.  We can load the unit with the product we need to prepare, change some settings and our frozen product will be fresh and usable in the morning!  It has given us so many options and freed space for us to use for other important needs.

Time and space are tricky details in a kitchen.  Having a blast chiller makes both of these details work for us rather than against us!
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