All The Pasta

Picture a typical pasta day before the new kitchen was completed.  Pasta was cooked in eighteen quart stock pots.  We had 8 burners and used six for pasta, one for gluten free pasta, and one for soup.  Each pot could hold about five pounds of dry pasta.  We typically cook at least ninety pounds of dry pasta for lunch service so you can imagine the effort of cooking, draining, refilling, waiting for water to boil and doing it all over again and again and again.

Enter the new Steam Jacketed Kettle.  This piece of equipment is like a giant stock pot but the walls are filled with steam to heat gently and prevent scorching.  We use kettle in many applications but it is a heaven sent tool on pasta day.  It heats water very quickly so we have the ability to cook pasta just minutes before we need it. It has a drain in the bottom to keep from handling the heavy pots of boiling water.  Most importantly, it cooks LOTS of pasta at one time.  We can cook all the pasta we will need for a single lunch service (we have three) in a single batch.  This keeps the pasta fresher and of better quality for service.

There are many other uses for the kettle.  Alfredo sauce is great in it because the jacketed walls keep the cream from scorching.  We have used it for chili, tomato soup, beans, cooking stocks and more!  As an added bonus, it is really easy to clean!

We love the kettle and look forward to all it can do for our food service!
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