600 Degrees of Pizza

I am very proud of The Lexington School's pizza.  We make the sauce from scratch and from local ingredients when available.  We mix 250 pounds of pizza dough, shape into 14 ounce portions, stretch into rounds and build our own pies.  None of these details that make our pizza so good have changed.  So what is different about the pizza this year?  The answer is two-fold:  Space and equipment. 

Space is a huge factor in our pizza.  We need storage for 250 pounds of dough to go through a long, overnight fermentation process. Our new kitchen has ample room on the shelves to accommodate the dough.  We need table space to stretch the dough and racks to hold the prepared pies for baking. We have an entire section of the kitchen we dedicate to this process when pizza day rolls around. 

We also need oven space that can hold high temperatures long enough to bake over 250 pizzas as well as dedicated cooking space to make accommodations for food allergies and preferences.  We have acquired a double-stacked deck oven that can stone fire our pizzas at over 600 degrees Fahrenheit!  We dedicate our convection and "combi" ovens for the allergies and preference pies.  Come check out pizza day!

*One more quick note.  Our food service has been working with a test program to grow high protein flour in Kentucky!  My dream is to be able to produce a 100% Kentucky pizza in the near future.  Mozzarella curds from local milk, pepperoni and tomatoes from our local farmers and Kentucky flour.  Stay tuned.  When we get it together, the pizza will be spectacular!
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