"Combi" as in "Combination"

We have some really great equipment in the kitchen.  One exceptional piece is our Combination or "Combi" oven.  We actually have two of these units stacked together.  Combi ovens use steam, convection or a combination of both.  This is great for dishes that need moisture, dishes that need high dry heat or, as is most often the case, a combination of both.

We use the Combis to steam vegetables, roast chicken, bake macaroni and cheese or any number of our great lunch options.  It has shined the most with slow roasting proteins for use in entrees like beef stew, chicken and dumplings, pulled pork, carnitas, and BBQ chicken sandwiches.  We have the ability to smoke the meat if it would add an appropriate depth of flavor.  It is a wonderful piece of equipment!

Also, it washes itself.  That's right.  We hit a few buttons, it senses the level of cleaning it needs, tells us which cleaning products to add and runs a very thorough cleaning cycle.  If I'm being honest, it's my favorite function of the oven!
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