Doing the Dishes

A simple breakfast, an elaborate dinner or any type of meal in between all have one thing in common: dishes.  The clean-up of any meal can be the let down after the culinary high of a fine meal. At The Lexington School, we have an immense clean-up effort that takes place all lunch service long.  We scrape, clean, sanitize and air dry each plate, cup, bowl, fork and spoon in between meal services.  Believe me, it is a massive undertaking.

To assist with process we have a shiny (so shiny!) new Dish Room.  We have clean storage space and long tables to organize soiled dishes before they begin their journey through the wash cycle.  High pressure sprayers prep the dishes before washing.  We have a modern automatic dish washing machine that recycles the steam from the hot water to conserve water and energy.  We have plenty of designated shelves that keep the dishes organized while they air dry.

But what is the worst part of the dishes?  The pots and pans, right?  Scrubbing, soaking, scrubbing more.  It's frustrating, labor intensive and time consuming.  Our new Dish Room has a great piece of equipment that makes this process so much more simple and efficient.  It's called the PowerSoak sink and it is amazing!  It is essentially a jacuzzi for pots and pans.  We fill it with hot water and a special low foaming detergent.  WE scrape and spray the pots and pans as best we can and then put them in sink.  With the touch of the button the attached motor churns and churns the soapy hot water as well as the pots and pans!  A little time in the bath and the pots are cleaned and ready for rinsing and sanitizing.  It even has an attachment that organizes and washes up to 18 sheet pans at once!
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