Introduction of Ting Ting Fu '00

Una MacCarthy

Una MacCarthy's Introduction of Ting Ting Fu '00

June 4, 2021

Introduction of Ting Ting Fu Class of 2000 and Graduation Speaker for the Class of 2021
Ting Ting Fu ’00 speaks for those who cannot speak for themselves. Ting Ting is a neonatologist, an intensive care doctor for babies. At Cincinnati Children’s Hospital, Dr. Fu’s group oversees all the neonatal ICUs and the majority of well babies in the Greater Cincinnati area. Her husband, Vincent, and Penelope – better known as Penny -- their four-year-old daughter, are in Lexington with her this weekend.
Ting Ting came to The Lexington School in third grade when she and her mother traveled from Bejing to join her father, who was attending the University of Kentucky and studying computer science.
In Ting Ting’s detailed and warm TLS reminiscences, she recalled a special closeness and connection with several of her teachers but especially, Lynn Pickles, her fifth grade social studies teacher: “She’s the teacher I’ve kept in touch with the most. We just clicked. When I was sick at home for a week, Mrs. Pickles collected all my work and brought it to me. That was kind of her. She pushed me, in a good way, to be more out of my shell and encouraged me to have high academic standards.”
From her Chapel Hill home Mrs. Pickles shows great pride in her former student, saying, “If you look on the TLS website, one of the first statements you read is: At The Lexington School, children find courage in lots of little places in every classroom, in every activity, and from every teacher they encounter.”
“These words were clearly written with our commencement speaker in mind.  Ting Ting means ‘graceful,’ and it sounds gentle ... a name you don’t forget. It was clear to all of us that this hard working, serious, student would find the courage within herself to make a difference.”
“Over the years, her classmates recognized in her a resilience, a core strength, and a strong moral compass. When she said something, people listened. “
I have many fond memories of Ting Ting but mine are far more animated than the quiet student Mrs. Pickles describes. Ting Ting was classmates of Fielden Swimm our 7th grade English teacher and Andrew Schwartz our 8th grade math teacher.  The class had energy and spunk. We had a tradition at the time where at the conclusion of a unit on Greek mythology, we hosted a Greek Olympics.  One of the events was a chariot race in the gym which was formed with a bed sheet being pulled by two students.  Ting Ting was the rider on the sheet, and I believe her two buddies John Gilbert and Cole James were the “horses”. They ran with such energy and enthusiasm, Ting Ting was launched from the chariot as they rounded the corner.  She immediately jumped up not willing to lose the race.
That drive to succeed served her well.
After TLS, Ting Ting graduated from Dunbar’s Math Science Technology Center, confidently and articulately presenting her senior research project to an audience that included her parents, her sister, Vanessa Fu ’09 and Mrs. Pickles.
Ting Ting matriculated to MIT, earning her Bachelor of Science degree, with an emphasis on biology, in 2007. She added her M.D. degree from the University of Kentucky in 2011.
I am so excited to have Ting Ting with us today.  Please join me in welcoming Dr. Ting Ting Fu ’00 back to The Lexington School.

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