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Daily Uniform


The Lexington School's dress code requires slacks, pants, or skirts/shorts with mid-thigh length hemlines or longer, in solid khaki, navy, gray, or black, along with any solid-colored collared, button-down, or turtleneck shirt. Solid-colored fleece with collars, jackets, or sweaters may also be worn. Students are allowed to wear solid colored crew neck sweatshirts with a collared shirt underneath. TLS branded sweatshirts or hoodies are also acceptable, but hoods must be kept down while students are inside. Unless, TLS branded, all clothing items should be devoid of pictures or patterns. Patterned tights are allowed in Preschool only. Acorns students will follow the daily uniform in solid colors but are not required to have collared shirts. Leggings must be worn under clothing (they cannot be worn alone as pants). Outerwear need not follow the solid-color rule unless it is worn inside the building.

Any solid-colored, jewel-necked, or collared dress/jumper are okay on any school day. Belts must be worn if belt loops are visible. In Preschool, the Daily Uniform will be worn Monday-Friday. Belts are discouraged in Preschool, and shirttails do not need to be tucked in. Straight hemmed shirts such as polos or blouses may be worn outside of the waistband but must be appropriately sized. All button-down shirts or those with long shirttails must be tucked in. The Friday Dress Uniform may be worn on any school day if so desired.

Dress Uniform


The Friday Dress Uniform is an important part of tradition at The Lexington School representative of our dedication to equity, academics, and school spirit. White button-down shirts, khaki slacks and shorts, navy blazers, white polo shirts, belts, socks, and shoes may all be purchased from vendors of your choice. Skirts and sweaters must be ordered from Lands’ End or Shaheen's. TLS ties must be purchased from the Tack
Shop. Students who wear a white shirt, TLS tie, and khaki pants are required to wear a uniform sport coat November-March.


The dress uniform should be worn every Friday and on other designated days that will be announced. Please review information at the link below to order required Friday Dress Uniform items.

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