Annual Fund: When the Mission Meets the Moment


Annual Fund

When the MISSION meets the moment!

At The Lexington School, our mission drives everything we do.  Each day, we work together to “provide an education of the highest quality in a structured, nurturing community.”  As a school community, we create and sustain an environment that allows us “to instill integrity, a joyful pursuit of learning, and a strong work ethic” in each of our students.
To support this mission, The Lexington School Board of Trustees builds an operating budget each year that empowers us to prioritize the programs and people who carry out our mission on a daily basis.  That budget is supported by tuition, by our endowment, and by philanthropic gifts from The Lexington School family, including those received through our Annual Fund.  This year, our Annual Fund will add $750,000 to the operating budget – and we need your help to make it happen!
Our Annual Fund raises money to help fund every aspect of the school.  From lightbulbs to library books, from the front door to the farthest athletic field, and from the tiniest acorn to the longest-serving teacher, our Annual Fund provides essential funding for students, teachers, and our exceptional program.  Because it supplements tuition revenue, our Annual Fund helps to keep the pressure off tuition increases while maintaining the quality of The Lexington School program.
This year, you have a new opportunity as you make your gift to the Annual Fund.  You can direct your gift to the area of our approved budget that is the closest to your heart.*  If you love it all, then you can still choose to give to “the area of greatest need”, and your Annual Fund gift will be used to support the board approved operating budget just as it has in the past. 
Keep reading for more information about each of the areas available for directed giving. 
Academic Program
At The Lexington School, educating children isn’t just our priority – it’s our entire mission!  A gift directed to the Academic Program helps to provide instructional support through things like classroom materials such as lab equipment for science and art supplies; reading, writing, and math curriculum; library books and textbooks; academic support software and web-based educational services; faculty support, and professional development opportunities for teachers.
Health and Wellness
Good physical and mental health contribute to a student’s readiness to learn.  We place a priority on the health and wellness of every single student, so our Annual Fund helps to support robust physical education at every grade level, healthy lunches, fine arts programming, athletics offerings, and our health office, which provides counseling services, our school nurse, and professional trainer.
School Environment
With 140,000 square feet inside and 40 acres outside, the school’s approved budget must provide for resources to maintain a beautiful and safe campus both inside and out.  The Annual Fund helps us to keep the building secure and in good working order and it helps to maintain breathtaking green space, playgrounds, and athletic fields where our children can run and play.
Financial Aid for Education
We believe that when families want to provide the best education for their children, finances should never be a permanent barrier to that opportunity.  A gift directed to Financial Aid does not help one specific student, but it helps us to ensure that every class holds students who represent a wide variety of perspectives and experiences, all united in their commitment to learning with enthusiasm!   
* Note:  If one of these areas becomes fully funded, The Lexington School will direct your gift to the area of greatest need. 


Gifts of cash or check should be sent to the Development Office. The Lexington School, 1050 Lane Allen Road, Lexington, Kentucky 40504. Checks should be made payable to The Lexington School.


The Lexington School welcomes gifts of stock or securities. When TLS receives a gift of securities, the stock is liquidated as soon as the stock transfer occurs. If you need information or would like to make a gift of stock, please contact the Director of Development or Chief Financial Officer at 859-278-0501.

Other Types of Gifts

The Lexington School also accepts other types of gifts including Gifts of Life Insurance, Charitable Gift Annuities, Charitable Lead Trusts, Charitable Remainder Unitrusts, Matching Gifts, Estate and Planned Gifts, Bequests, and Gifts In-Kind.

Giving Levels

List of 8 items.

  • Founders

    $30,000 and higher
  • The Lane Allen Society (Tuition):

    (and up to $29,999)
  • The Georgian Way (Half Tuition)

    (and up to $24,290)
  • Leadership Circle (Twice the Gap)

    (and up to $12,145)
  • The Margin of Excellence (Gap)

    (and up to $8,279)
  • Friends of the Faculty (Half the Gap)

    (and up to $4,139)
  • Pinpoints (Quarter Gap)

    (and up to $2,069)
  • 100% Club

    $1,034 and below
The Lexington School provides an education of the highest quality in a structured, nurturing community. We instill integrity, a joyful pursuit of learning, and a strong work ethic.
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