Science is a VERB

They say “every child is born a scientist,” but few schools nurture the inner scientist in every child starting as early as Prekindergarten. At TLS, children ages 4 through 14 find confidence and a desire to explore and explain the world in
science classes at TLS. Kids may pursue a career path that leads to science, and they may not – they are interested so many things! But TLS kids will always carry a curiosity with them about how the world works, and an understanding that comes through careful observation and exploration – hallmarks of The Lexington School’s science curriculum.

To see is to believe. Walk into Mr. Novitsky's 5th grade Science class any day of the week, and you'll find pairs or teams of kids huddled around something that fizzes, grows, pops, rolls, drops, or melts. His class is an introduction to Physics and Chemistry, but this isn't your typical introduction. Rather, it is a full sensory experience where each child is a scientist, each child's hands get dirty, and each child's brain is as electified as the circuit he/she is melding into light. 

The year before that, 4th graders waded in the creek out back, nets and buckets at the ready to catch any living organism seen or unseen to take back to the lab, to examine more closely, and to extrapolate things well beyond the normal 4th grade Science notebook can explain. They are seeing it for themselves.

Go back yet another year in time when 3rd graders kept their heads to the ground wherever they traveled just in case they might see an igneous rock or even better, a crustaceous fossil. They keep looking, always curious. 2nd graders' heads are towards the sky as they watch their fastidiously designed paper airplanes glide, soar, or spiral, a test of aerodynamics only experienced in Mr. Mohan's Science class. 

These are just four of the ten consistent years of Science exploration that Lexington School students live, breath and LOVE. The Lexington School offers more time in Science classes and more valuable, active Science experiences than any other school in the region, hands down. There is quite literally something new and exciting to learn each and every day. 

This YouTube playlist will show you a few archived examples of the exciting learning happening in Science classes, but these clips only touch the surface of what changes and enriches student minds every day. It is active,'s a verb, and it's something we DO at The Lexington School.


"The Proof is in the Pudding;" Above and Beyond are the Two Main Ingredients.
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