The Key Vocabulary Routine Overview

When: Tuesday, March 9 & Wednesday, March 10 Time: 6:30-8:00 EST

This 3-hour webinar series presents an overview of The Key Vocabulary Routine, a routine for research-based vocabulary instruction. The routine can be used by all content teachers as Tier I instruction and by intervention specialists as Tier II instruction for struggling readers. The workshop has been developed for grades 3 -12 content teachers, literacy specialists, special education teachers, and administrators.

This workshop covers the following topics:
  • Overview of the research on effective vocabulary instruction
  • Alignment of the routine to reading standards in the Common Core State Standards
  • Overview of each component in The Key Vocabulary Routine
    • Previewing vocabulary
    • Four activities for teaching words in relation to other words (semantic mapping, semantic feature analysis, categorizing, scaling)
    • Strategies for choosing specific words to teach in-depth
    • Templates for teaching individual words (Frayer/Four Square, Concept Definition Map, Two-Column Notes)
    • Use of context and word parts to determine the meaning of an unfamiliar word Creating a word-conscious classroom
  • Examples of how these components can be taught using content area reading materials
Participants will leave this workshop with hands-on instructional activities that can be used immediately. Administrators will gain an understanding of a school-wide routine for teaching vocabulary that provides consistency from grade to grade and subject to subject.
This Keys to Literacy series is being facilitated by:
Noel Foy, M.A., Senior Trainer Email:

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