In Memoriam: Katie Jackson Morrison '89

February 17, 1974 - March 20, 2011

Wife, mother, daughter, sister, sister-in-law, aunt, granddaughter, niece, best friend, student, athlete, fierce competitor, businesswoman, community leader -- Katie was all of these and much, much, much more. Her Lexington School family celebrates her life as we mourn her death and the deaths of her two children; Wyatt, six years old, and Hannah, five.

Her former teacher and coach, Dr. John Fox, had this to say about Katie:

My fondest recollections of Katie are a collage of her academic and athletic successes. She exemplifies the scholar-athlete. She was a bright and inquisitive student, and I remember her unrelenting tenacity, self-discipline, and “heart.” I especially remember Katie as a hard-nosed, fearless basketball player who always drew the other team's best player to defend. Many were the times that Katie would quietly offer a pointed comment in practice or in a tight game, reminding her teammates to stay focused and not be intimidated by the situation or by the skills of the other team's players. Quiet and humble, but never at a loss for the right words, Katie truly led others by her powerful example.  I have mentioned to many folks that she was the most focused and tireless athlete that I have ever had the privilege of knowing, let alone coaching.  

Couple all that with her sense of humor and her exuberant joy for life... truly a remarkable person in my eyes! That she became a pilot comes as no surprise to me. She always seemed to exude quiet confidence, which was tempered by careful and thorough preparation.

A top student as well. Katie embodies the “total package.” This devastating news reverberates to the core about what makes having taught at The Lexington School so special."

Katie will always be loved and missed by the TLS community.