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Athletic Philosophy

The Lexington School Philosophy applies to athletics as well as academics. We expect each coach to build a strong sense of community as he or she builds a team.  Important life lessons may be learned on the athletic field: teamwork, self-sacrifice, determination, grit, and good sportsmanship, as well as maintaining physical health through exercise. For those lessons to be achieved, ideally all students will be a part of the team. Parents are critical members of the team as well. TLS athletics includes both competitive and participatory opportunities; every student can play sports at TLS.
It is important to understand what it means to be a member of a team:
  • Being a team member means more then just showing up; it means working with others to achieve results
  • Attitude matters; team members give their best - always
  • Being a team member means working on skills, actively participating in practice, following a coach’s direction and instruction, doing what is best for the team and understanding that each player has something valuable to contribute to the joint effort.
The Lexington School’s athletic success is measured by the degree to which all team members represent the school, the team, and themselves by demonstrating fair play, honesty, and respect. 

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The mission of The Lexington School is to provide an education of the highest quality to students in preschool through middle school. In a structured, nurturing environment, The Lexington School seeks to instill integrity, a life-long enthusiasm for learning, and a strong work ethic.
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