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The Learning Center at The Lexington School is a unique program designed to support children with language-based learning differences while offering a completely immersive experience with traditional learners. Our 'school within a school' was built upon the framework created by Drs. Orton and Gillingham, whose structured approach helps students who struggle with reading. This technique is applied in all of The Learning Center classes and allows children to excel in their academic and social-emotional growth.


Teachers gather data to determine each child’s needs when creating language, math, and writing lessons. Our confidence building environment empowers Dyslexic, Dysgraphic, and Dyscalculic learners to reach their full potential with the objective of...

  • Building foundational language arts and math skills

  • Designing a toolbox for student success in traditional learning environments

  • Helping students understand and embrace their learning style 


Reduced class sizes in core subjects (student-to-teacher ratio 4:1) allow faculty to address individual areas of need. Our highly-trained teachers adapt instruction to suit each child's learning style and pace. Curriculum is designed for students to process sequentially.

  • Teachers begin with concrete information and build lessons gradually with abstract concepts.

  • Multisensory instruction engages the student’s whole brain to support retention of skills and strategies.

  • Highly-structured classrooms give children the opportunity to build confidence in a supportive space.

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The Learning Center’s approach is grounded in research with students participating in daily Orton-Gillingham based language lessons. Woven into the student’s day is structured reading fluency practice, reading comprehension activities, and targeted skills practice.

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Writing is one of the most complex processes to learn. Utilizing graphic organizers, designed for different genres of language, we help our students organize their thoughts and apply this tool in written and electronic communication.

About Us By Us: The Learning Center at The Lexington School

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