SUMMERTIME! It’s a change of pace with nice, long days. A refreshing, carefree break with extra time to run, explore, imagine, and play. This summer take flight with Camp Curiosity! Load up your crew of active learners, buckle them up for an adventurous ride with STEAM, and watch as they soar to parts yet undiscovered!
CAMP CURIOSITY is a summer experience open to students ages 3-8th grade from any school anywhere. An extension of The Lexington School, it promises top-flight summer programming where your camper will learn actively and in a way that makes them excited to come back to camp every single day! That’s what teaching CURIOSITY is all about!
There is STEAM in every day and not just from the summer sun. In every camp session, no matter what the age or theme, campers will actively engage their brains and their bodies.

A quick flight inside and it’s Robotics Camp.
They build and program robots, dream up physical and mechanical variations, pit them one on one in classroom competitions. And more—They go outside and pretend they are the robots, run around, play hide-and-go-seek…who knows where the wind will blow them?
Do you smell something cooking?
It’s Cooking Camp and all five senses are firing. They learn about yeast, watch it grow, knead some bread, and enjoy a feast. And more…it’s outside to the garden, a hike to Scarlet Gate to harvest berries or play a game of “Cook, Cook, Goose.” It’s all a measure of imagination!

Fly outside and see what's rolling...
They run, throw, kick, and play. Measure the field, the mass of the ball, it's active learning everywhere you look. 

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