SUMMERTIME! It’s a change of pace with nice, long days. A refreshing, carefree break with extra time to run, explore, imagine, and play. This summer take flight with Camp Curiosity! Load up your crew of active learners, buckle them up for an adventurous ride powered by STEAM and run with SPORTS. Watch as they soar to parts yet undiscovered!
This year's CAMP CURIOSITY is a summer experience open to students ages three years old through rising first grade. The weekly thematic, project-based camps are an extension of The Lexington School and promise top-flight summer programming. The camps are open to TLS students as well as children enrolled elsewhere.

FUN LEARNING captures the mind and exercises the whole child. Your camper will learn actively and in a way that makes them excited to come back to camp every single day. That’s what teaching CURIOSITY is all about!

List of 3 frequently asked questions.

  • Camp Curiosity: Monday-Friday, 8:00 A.M. - 12:00 P.M.

    All campers attend Monday-Fridays 8:00 A.M.-12:00 P.M. $275 a week.
    Options to extend your child's day are Lunch Bunch and Stay and Play (read more below). Your child must attend the morning session in order to attend Lunch Bunch and Stay 'n Play in the afternoons.
  • Extended Day Option: Lunch Bunch

    Lunch Bunch is from 12:00-1:00 P.M. $25 a week.
    Does your camper need an extra hour after morning camp to enjoy lunch and recess with friends? Add Lunch Bunch to the day. Campers bring their own lunch. TLS is a nut-free school. No peanut butter or other foods that contain nuts of any kind, please. 
  • Extended Day Option: Stay 'n Play

    Stay 'n Play is from 12:00-4:00 P.M. $225 per week.
    Does your camper want to stay all day? This afternoon session is differentiated by age and stage. Younger children will have more time to rest and nap while older children will enjoy free play, snacks, as well as organized games with camp counselors. It's a fun way to extend your Camp Curiosity day. Note: Lunch Bunch is included in the Stay 'n Play tuition. 

List of 6 frequently asked questions.

  • Week 1, June 7 - 11: Whiskers, Wings, and Wild Things

    It is a week-long expedition, indoors and out. Children will explore a vast array of whiskers, wings, and wild things. Through books and creative classroom activities that enhance learning, outdoor campus carousing across fields, woods, and creeks, and lots of good ‘ol imaginative play, curiosity has no limits. REGISTER HERE. 
  • Week 2, June 14-18: Mixtures and Messes

    Ready to fire up all five senses? A week of mixtures and messes guarantees it. Children will explore different states of matter, learn scientific terms and processes, and draw upon their innate creativity while mixing up a good time. It could get slimy. It may be messy. It will definitely be fun! REGISTER HERE. 
  • Week 3, June 21-25: Moving and Grooving

    Turn up the music and let’s get moving! In this week of moving and grooving, children will explore sound with movement. They will interact and experiment with a variety of instruments, create their own out of curious materials, and build brains, bodies, and buddies along the way. How does that sound? Wonderful! REGISTER HERE. 
  • Week 4, June 28-July 2: Making a Splash

    How is sand made? Why is the ocean salty? What sinks and what floats? Children will find answers to these questions and more. They will explore the ocean and beaches through imaginative play, artwork, and yes, actual splashing around outdoors. It doesn’t have to be sunny to make a splash, Curiosity is available rain or shine. REGISTER HERE. 
  • Week 5, July 5-9: The Great Outdoors

    Let’s go camping and enjoy the great outdoors! Children will romp about campus and explore trees, plants, and flowers. They will picnic, build pretend campfires with sing-alongs, create art outdoors, and more. Experience the wonders of nature all week long. REGISTER HERE. 
  • Week 6, July 12-16: Here We Go!

    How do we get from A to Z? Transportation is a curious thing! Let’s go somewhere even in our imaginations and figure out how we get there. Planes, trucks, trains, or bicycles, we will explore them all and more, build our own, and imagine all the places we can go. REGISTER HERE. 
There is STEAM in every day and not just from the hot summer sun. In every camp session, no matter what the age or theme, campers will actively engage their brains and their bodies.

A quick flight to campus and you might land on whiskers and wings and wild things! 
Thematically driven and project-based, each week children will explore developmentally-appropriate learning activities that stimulate the imagination and prompt that next question--curiosity always leads to more learning. Inside and outside, the brain and body muscles will get stronger through play and exploration.  

Soar across campus and see them play, run, think, imagine, create...CURIOUSLY!
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