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  • Getting Started

    To find out more information about what we can do for your family, call The Lexington School and ask for TLS College Planning Services or send a message to me at At the initial meeting we will discuss complete grade reports to date, the student’s curriculum, school performance, special needs if any, academic goals and interests, extracurricular activities, summer plans, standardized testing.
    Each student is treated as an individual, the number of meetings, length of meetings, and process taken will vary with every client. We will create a schedule together that meets the student's and family's needs most effectively.

  • Comprehensive Services

    Initial Interview

    • Define educational priorities and objectives / goal setting

    College List

    • Create focused list of colleges most appropriate for the student's specific interests and skills


    • Develop a resume / activities table that highlights strengths of student

    College Application Assistance (up to 6)

    • Create a timetable in order to meet deadlines
    • Critique completed applications
    • Provide appeals advice, if needed

    Essay Consulting

    • Provide advice regarding topic selection
    • Critique drafts (up to 5 essays/short answers)
    • Help formulate personal statement

    Academic Profile

    • Provide guidance regarding which classes to take during junior and senior years
  • Admission Essays

    Congratulations! You have completed what is often called the “difficult” junior year and are now approaching the most sought-after senior year. With the senior year comes many exciting things—and at the same time the senior year presents some challenges. Avoiding senioritis is one. Applying to colleges is another. Yes, it is true. You must begin those sometimes dreaded, yet very important, applications. Which means—dramatic pause—you must begin the college admissions essays!
    Your admissions essay(s) is the perfect place to let the college know who you are. You need to give personality and presence to that application. To do that you need to be original, fresh, interesting.
    A few tips before beginning your essay: First, don’t write your essay in the same style that you write English papers. A definite no-no. Second, don’t write about trite topics like: “How my Outward Bound experience taught me determination” or “How my trip to the Dominican Republic taught me how to appreciate what I have.” These topics are old and hum-drum and admission committees advise against them.
    Start early, draft often. You will be most happy if you begin this summer—and you will be even happier if you finish this summer! But you will survive if you MUST wait until the school year to begin. As part of TLS College Planning Services, we can give you the guidance and support that you need.

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