Knock off the rust from the summer!
Get a jump start on the year and review some academic skills in the process. Plus, we get back into the habit of waking up and getting to school on time.
TLS Gear-Ups are back with even more to offer! This year, we offer Gear-Ups for each grade (1 – 8) in Literacy and Math. Students will have the chance to review concepts from the previous year, shore up foundational skills, and gain a bit of confidence and momentum heading into a new school year. 
In addition to literacy and math, we are offering robotics/science and test prep classes. See descriptions below.
The school will offer snacks for students who stay for the first two blocks. Students will bring their own lunch if they stay for the afternoon session.
*If you are unsure whether your student would benefit from Gear-Ups, reach out to your child’s teacher.    
If you have questions, please email Middle School Head, Tim Alford.

List of 8 frequently asked questions.

  • Math

    Offered to students in grades 1-8, TLS faculty members will create a fun, developmentally appropriate atmosphere for reviewing concepts and shoring up math skills as needed for the individual camper. Your student will register for the grade level they will be entering.
  • English Language Arts

    Reading and writing and thinking, oh my! Classes are offered for rising 1st-5th, and will review the previous grade’s skills and content as well as provide a preview of material upcoming in the new school year. Largely focused on writing, students will review grade-level appropriate grammatical concepts as well as engage in activities to sharpen syntax, vocabulary, and creativity in written communication.
  • Science

    4th and 5th Graders--Join this experiential outdoor camp where we will connect traditional academic content in math, science, language, and social studies to our incredible 40-acre campus. Nature-inspired poetry, math concepts found in the details of plants, science experiments in the Cardinal Run watershed, and explorations of the unique heritage and history of Scarlet Gate are all opportunities to make learning applicable and visible in the real world while also refreshing important academic skills.
  • 4th and 5th Grade STEM/Robotics

    Sharpening math skills? Check. Learning computer science? Definitely. Engineering and technology? Yep! In an all-in-one STEM learning experience, rising 4th-5th students will step into engineers’ shoes as they build and program their robots. They will become more tech-savvy along the way, and even get thinking about how science can solve real-world problems.
  • Test Prep

    This is a general test prep course designed to familiarize students with standardized tests like Iowa, CogAT, OLSAT, and SSAT.  If your student is interested in applying to the Fayette Co. Magnet programs, a boarding school, or you just want them to build their test-taking toolbox, this is a course for you!  Students will work through practice tests, learn about testing formats, and more!
  • Lower School Science

    Open to rising 1st-3rd graders, this course will review main topics, concepts, and ways of thinking like a scientist. At TLS, “Science is a verb,” so there will be plenty of hands-on experiments and engaging activities to allow your inner scientist to re-emerge from summer break!
  • Executive Functioning

    No matter the subject and no matter the age, executive functioning skills are essential for success. But they are all-too-often an afterthought. By the time they become a priority, grades or lockers are usually a mess!  So, let’s start the year off by getting organized. In this session, students will have time to think about and reflect on their own tendencies and learning styles. They will plan and prioritize when it comes to classwork, homework, and preparing for assessments.  And they will learn strategies for studying and taking notes. So, if your student is someone who likes to be organized, or if they are someone that needs a bit of help in that arena, let’s start the year with a game-plan.
  • Writing

    Writing? In the SUMMER? Don’t worry, be happy-and trust us! You will leave this week a stronger and more confident communicator. The Middle School ELA class  will focus on a different element of crafting good writing every day. It won’t be boring (it’s still summer - so, let’s have some fun!) there will be active, engaging, and collaborative activities each day that focus on: 
    1. Creating correctly structured sentences 
    2. Composing powerful paragraphs
    3. Editing, proofreading, and style 
    4. Brainstorming methods and strategies to get ideas out of our brains and onto the paper 
    5. Putting it all together in a fun writing “competition”
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