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Instructional Specialist



Enrichment and Resource Specialist

The Lexington School administration and faculty recognize and understand that all students learn differently. The school strives to provide instruction that fosters optimal academic functioning in all students regardless of individual learning differences and styles. Created in 1998, the position of Instructional Specialist provides support enabling all students, regardless of ability and learning style, to have the opportunity to experience success. Over the past years the single position has grown into a department of several full-time faculty members and became known as the The Resource Room. Academic support is provided for students with learning difficulties and for those students who are academically advanced.

Students with learning differences are offered specialized one-on-one or small group sessions designed to address individual areas of need. The faculty of the center are trained in various programs to assist children with skill acquisition in the areas of reading, writing, and math. In some instances the child might need further accommodations in the classroom and a Learning Management Plan (LMP) is written. The LMP highlights the student's strengths, challenges, and specific interventions for the classroom and home. The plan can include a wide array of accommodations including, but not limited to: intervention that addresses content area needs; learning services that address homework or organizational strategies; learning strategies for classroom and home; and individual curricular accommodations implemented by the teacher. The LMP is considered a work in progress and is reviewed often to determine if revisions need to be made.

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