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The Lexington School’s Enrollment Contract is a financial commitment for the entire

academic year. It does not allow for adjustment or refund of tuition or fees for

absences, withdrawal, or dismissal. This policy is necessary to enable the school to

plan for annual staffing, instructional, operational, and other program expenses.

Tuition revenue must be predictable to prepare and maintain staffing, programs,

and services.


The Tuition Refund Plan (TRP)

Recognizing that from time to time, there are unforeseen circumstances that result

in a student’s leaving TLS, the school is continuing to offer The Tuition Refund Plan

as a means of partially insuring your tuition obligation in the event of an unexpected

withdrawal. The cost is 0.7% of the annual tuition charges for the 2023-2024 school

year. Families who do not pay the tuition in full by July 15, 2023, are required to

participate in The Tuition Refund Plan or present evidence of having secured

comparable insurance coverage elsewhere. Participation is elective for those who

pay the tuition in full by the due date. (Fees for The Tuition Refund Plan are passed

directly to TRP and are not a revenue source for the school.)


Plan Highlights

• The Tuition Refund Plan coverage becomes effective on August 1 in the event

of a student’s inability to attend school due to a medical reason, i.e., accident,

illness, or mental health condition.

• The non-medical coverage (voluntary withdrawals and dismissals) does not

become effective until the student has attended at least fourteen.

consecutive days of the academic year, beginning with the student’s first day

of attendance in the academic year.

• Benefits payable under the Plan are applied towards the parent’s annual

obligation as outlined in the Enrollment Contract. Should the benefit exceed the obligation, excess monies will be refunded to the original payor. Should a

deficiency exist after the benefit is applied, parents/guardians are responsible for paying the remainder.


• All insurance benefits paid and coverages available are governed by The

Tuition Refund Plan document and described in the attached link. Application

for benefits under the plan requires timely completion of claim forms.

Please click here to review plan documents for specifics of coverage.

The premium cost for the Plan will be included in the first tuition statement. (For

those unforeseen circumstances, families who pay-in-full are encouraged to

participate in The Tuition Refund Plan.)


Please be advised that no refund of tuition or fees can be made except as provided

under this plan. Students are enrolled for the entire school year, or such portion as

may remain after their entrance date. The fact that school fees are paid in two or

more installments does not constitute a fractional contract. Coverage under the

Tuition Refund Plan is contingent upon payment of the premium within ten days

after the academic year's first-class day.



Susan O'Brien

Chief Financial Officer

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